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Get Into Maldives was formed with the most experienced personnel in Aviation background in Maldives and our team is capable to tackle all the inconveniences that may cause during an operation.
Ground Handling
Our team consists of well experienced staff in Aviation History and they are capable to tackle all inconveniences that may cause during an operation. We very well understand the procedures how to provide all services swiftly, smoothly and safely.

Our team is capable to handle private Jets with VIP services and Commercial Airlines as well. We can serve you from the smallest aircraft and upto the largest aircraft which can land to Maldivian Airports.

Maldivian International Airports has all types of equipment (Mobile Stairs, Pax Busses, High Loaders, Conveyor Belts, Baggage Tractors Carts, Dollies, Air Start Units, Ground Power Units, Air condition Unit, re-fuellers, fire trucks, tow tractors , etc ) which can be used to serve all types of Aircrafts.
Get Into Maldives is capable of obtaining rapid landing and overfly permits at the territory of Maldives. Obtaining permits is a FREE of charge service that we give to our clients.

You may email us at for any of the services listed below

-Private flights -Non-Traffic or Technical Landings -Over flights -Scheduled Flights -Traffic Landings and Up-lifts (Passenger and Cargo Charter flights)
Slots and Parking Arrangements
Our team will assist you in obtaining Arrival/Departure Slots and Parking arrangements by coordinating with Maldives Airports and Civil Aviation of Maldives.
Passenger and Crew Handling
Our team will give special VIP services for the passengers who travel by Private Jets.

Passengers and crew will be met personally by our staff and they will assist you with all the formalities and services required.

24hr contact number will be provided upon arrival for further assistance or advice.
Baggage and Cargo Handling
Upon arrival to Maldives, baggage will be handled by the Get Into Maldives staff, safely and securely, through the customs clearance to the next transportation area. It is our main priority to make the crew and passengers to be relaxed after the long journey to Maldives.

All logistic related activities including customs formalities and administrative assistance will be provided upon request.

Please note following items restricted into Maldives.

  • Liquor and Alcoholic products

    • According to Maldivian importation of liquor and alcoholic products without prior approval is prohibited.

  • Pork and Its By-products

    • According to Maldivian Law importation of pork and its by-products without prior approval is prohibited.

  • Chemical and Chemical Products

    • Chemicals

    • Acid

    • Poisons

    • Toxic substances

  • Pets

    • Health certificate from an authorized veterinarian, satisfying that the animal is free from infections or contagious diseases is required.

    • Note: the import of dogs and dangerous animals are strictly prohibited.

  • Firearms/Explosives/Weapons and Ammunition

    • Pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns, etc.

    • Replica and imitation firearms, Components of firearms, Harpoon and spear guns, Stun or shock producing devices.

    • Explosives and explosive devices, Replica or imitation explosive material or devices, Fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnics.
    Catering and aircraft cleaning Services
    Our team can provide Catering for VIP and VVIP clients and also oversees that the catering are upto International hygienic level for the airline’s satisfaction.

    In addition, we provide aircraft interior cleaning service to all the aircrafts operating to Maldives Airports.
    Fuel Service
    Our fuel team is available 24 Hrs make you convenient to arrange fuel around the clock. Also you can fuel your aircraft through third party fuel cards accepted by the airports.
    Hotac for crew and passengers
    Our well experience Travel department team provides discounted hotel accommodation (we mean it) for crew and passengers as well.
    Transportation for crew and passengers
    Transportation will be provided with the finest speedboats/seaplanes that can provide you maximum comfort at minimum time while accommodating you from airport to your desired resorts / hotel.
    Visa arrangements
    Visa is not required if entering to Maldives as a tourist. You will get a 30 day free stay when you provide the hotel confirmation to the Maldives Immigration. If you need to extend the visa the application must be submitted to the immigration before the end of the first 30 days.
    Customs & Immigration clearance
    Our team will accomplish immigration and customs clearance while keeping the passengers on rest.
    Flight Plan Filing
    We will assist you in filing flight plan to make your trip more convenient and hassle free.
    Weather & NOTAMs
    Weather and NOTAMs are one of the most important documents for a journey. We provide you with the most updated en-route weather including wind charts, TAFF, METAR, Significant weather charts, Landing forecasts, satellite images and NOTAMs of the airports which are concerned to your journey.
    Security Arrangements
    Although the airport is safe, we do provide special 24Hrs security arrangements upon request.
    Health, wheel chair and stretcher Services
    24hrs health services are available at the airport and also we do provide free of charge wheel chair and stretcher services on request.
    Full Credit Arrangements
    Get Into Maldives arranges full credit facility so the crew doesn’t have to carry cash money with them. However we also accept major credit cards like VISA, AMEX and Master Card.
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